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A Tale of Two Cities by Craig Hartman
Saratoga and North Creek Meet Report by Joseph Marsh
2014 Steamtown National Historic Site Railfest by David Sigafoose

Messages from the President

It has been three years since the formation of the Mid Atlantic Motorcar Association and its acceptance by NARCOA as an affiliate, and what a three years it has been. The founding officers have become a cohesive group interested in the furtherance of the enjoyment of running the rails, the mentoring of new people, exhibiting our hobby safely and legally to other rail fans at other venues, such as Steamtown National Historic Site Railfest at Scranton, PA, and the safe operation of our equipment while towing or operating on one of our great host railroads. The differences in our personalities and outlooks are one of our best strengths that we have. We often have our individual opinions about things that we should have done, but we respect each other and embrace the opinions by which we can accomplish what we want.
As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am the mouthpiece of the group. Any group has to have one of these to succeed in negotiating, persuading and arranging new excursions. My Vice President, Chris Vitz, likes to be in the background handling paperwork and logistics, etc. He is great at it, and makes my job easier. Then there is Dave Sigafoose, MAMA's treasurer and a record-keeper of rosters for each excursion. With his services MAMA is ensured to have adequate cash balances to allow it to operate effectively. Dave and I have a great relationship, as he can have the same biting wit/sarcasm that I have, and we have many interesting discussions that usually result in a better conclusion than either of us alone. And without Ken Ciparis and Steve Weiss, our resident railroad experts, we would not have the professional railroading knowledge that we have due to these two men being with us.
Behind every successful excursion is a group of our spouses, who help, motivate and support us to accomplish what we have accomplished. I sincerely appreciate their taking time to participate in our endeavor.
We just finished our last run for the season with the running of  "The Turkey Trot "  the day after Thanksgiving, in the snow, no less, and concluded our six excursion season with safety, fun, cold and beauty. I thank all of you who have participated in our excursions, have mentally supported us, have prayed for us, and have lent your kind support via telephone or E-mail. I look forward to seeing all of you who can join us in 2015 for another exciting year on the rails.
             Craig W.Hartman
             NARCOA EC