Friday-Sunday, August 5th-7th, 2016 Excursion

Delaware Ulster Railroad (New York)
The Mid-Atlantic Motorcar Association (MAMA) is pleased to announce a 3-day, approximately 55 miles run trip excursion. Please come and join MAMA at our third run on this great old railroad. We will set on at Arkville, NY on Friday approximately at 12:00 p.m.
Last year we operated around train traffic down to Roxbury and back during the day, and also ran in the moonlight all the way to Roxbury. What a beautiful run under the moonlight! Camping on site along the beautiful river by the RR was permitted. We built a fire, sat, chatted, and had an open fire barbecue. Many lasting friendships were formed during this gathering. The attendees stated that they had a great time!
This year we will be doing the similar run like last year, "up the mountain, down the mountain", and a night run. This is a laid back and fun weekend for all, so come and be part of what becomes a tradition for all of us.
The event is sponsored by Mid-Atlantic Motorcars. The price of the trip is $75. Price includes railroad fees and camping area use, and does not include meals. There is a 30 car limit for this run. This is a NARCOA insured excursion, and all applicable NARCOA rules apply, as well as any others required by the railroad. Cars and paperwork will be checked/ inspected, and those not up to standard may be refused permission to set-on. Safety meeting must be attended as well. This is a non-mentoring run. Well behaved children over 10 years old are permitted. As usual, NARCOA professionalism is expected and required on this run.
Equipment Restrictions/Requirements: safety vests, hard soled over ankle shoes. Radios are required. Cars must be able to be easily turned, and must be reliable. Hi-rails are permitted with the following restrictions: FRA and NARCOA compliant.
Come ride with MAMA and have a great time as we do this excursion!!

Event Coordinator: Craig Hartman
Phone: 973-838-3628 evening

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