2004 Honda Accord Coupe Review on Specs, Interiors, Prices

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2004 Honda Accord coupe will make your life become more awesome. This car comes with wonderful specifications. It specifications itself will give you a performance that you always dream of. The coupe is really elegant and beautiful and it will give you the unforgettable feeling when you are driving with your wife or couple. The car will come with more features and facilities. The features include safety feature and entertainment feature that will make you have a wonderful and safe ride. The features which will ease your trip are also available so you will have a happy moment without worrying about getting lost.

2004 Honda Accord Coupe Specs

2004 Honda Accord coupe is equipped with many remarkable equipment, engine, and features. The engine used is the 2.4 liter with 4 Cylinder in line. The performance of this engine will let you have an enjoyable ride in the middle of the city. You will get a good acceleration and speed with the 160 hp which you get from the engine. The Double overhead cam system will let your car run faster and smoothly. There are 16 valves in the engine that will enable efficient division of power in the engine.

The drivetrain of this 2004 Accord Coupe is front wheel drive that will let you have a predictable method for turning and it is really suitable for the beginner who just starts to ride a sedan or coupe.  The transmissions of this 2004 Honda Accord coupe use the 5-speed automatic transmissions. This transmission really good to be used at the city as the separation of the speed level will make the driver can get the right adjustment of speed to overcome the crowd in the urban road.

The Interiors of 2004 Honda Accord Coupe

This 2004 Honda Accord coupe is not only looks really great from the outside. The interiors of this car is also made in really amazing design. The room inside the Honda Accord coupe 2004 is wide and comfortable. From the front seating and the back seating, the leg room and the ceiling room is really wide so you will be able to move in many movements without getting a troublesome effort.

2004 Honda Accord Coupe Price

2004 Honda Accord Coupe is a fascinating car, so the price will not be really expensive for you as in this days, the car is not produced anymore. Although the production has been stopped, but the greatness of this car still and it only cost for about 7,417 US dollar for getting this nice car.

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