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2015 Audi Q7 Redesign Review

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The sky-rocketing demand of SUV segment in the car market has triggered many famous car manufacturers to take part on this huge opportunity where 2015 Audi Q7 is one of the will-be-launched SUV very soon with some of 2015 Audi Q7 Redesign. Audi has firstly initiated its move in SUV segment by launching the previous version of Audi Q7 which was a big success. Intended to repeat its previous success, the new version of Audi Q7 will surely gain much improvements with some parts remain unchanged since it is still the best of its class.


A quite impressive 2015 Audi Q7 Redesign will be on the weight reduction effort where the newer version of Audi Q7 will appear in a lighter weight hence it will support its aerodynamic features to work even better. Since Audi Q7 is a SUV, we do expect a car that has a spacious cabin. Comparing to other will-be-released-SUVs, this car has a bit smaller cabin but it reached the standard in UK. In here we are going to give a bit information about 2015 Audi Q7 Redesign on several parts of this car which may help us in getting more knowledge about this 2015 Audi Q7.


The first one is the interior part of this car. The most significant 2015 Audi Q7 Redesign is the size of the cabin where it will have seven passenger’s seats with one driver seat. As what has been mentioned before, it is a bit smaller since other SUVs have eight to nine passenger’s seats. However, this car still fits to be used to carry our family in a big number. The use of the lightweight materials contributes to the weight reduction effort where the weight of this car will be significantly reduced by 325 kg. We will also witness a 2015 Audi Q7 Redesign on the exterior part. The front grille of this car will be upgraded into new single frame grille where prominent shoulder and also crease lines within its flanks will contribute to the reduction of visual bulk.



The engine of this new 2015 Audi Q7 will be better than the previous one where it will be a 3.0 L with V6 engine that is capable to produce a maximum power of 328 horsepower. In conclusion, 2015 Audi Q7 Redesign will be significant in some parts which will enhance this car to be one of the leading SUVs.

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