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2015 Audi R8 Totally Super Car Review

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2015 audi r8 totally super car, yes, it is a supercar. Audi has long known as a car manufacturer that has produced many luxurious car including this Audi r8. However, Audi R8 is not your ordinary supercar where this car is far more purchasable and fit to be used in our daily activities. Just like any other supercar, this car will directly show off our wealth and our taste in driving. With the power and the luxurious look, it is not surprising that this car will be very costly. 2015 audi r8 totally super car is proven by its exterior design as well as its engine. Almost every specs of this car represent supercar. The only downside of this car is the fuel economy. Yes, it will not be very efficient hence the fuel needs to be refilled more often than any other supercar. This downside is actually can be “diminished” by the power that this Audi r8 able to produce. In here we are going to give a quick review on some of its specs which certainly will strengthen the argument of 2015 audi r8 totally super car. The specs include the overall design and also the engine of this car.



Comparing to the previous version of this car, there are actually some changes that are implemented in several parts of this car which one of them is the exterior colors. The exterior colors of this car will clearly prove that 2015 audi r8 totally super car where it will be added with quilted headline and also red-painted calipers.  Another massive improvement comes from the style or model of this car. Two models of this 2015 audi r8 totally super car which are the coupe and the spyder. Both styles offer a different look where the coupe will offer a dressier classic look whereas the spyder will offer a sportier aggressive look.



Another improvement comes from the interior part of this car which is the entertainment system. Yes, like any other Audi’s luxurious cars which is the MMI system. Yes, this system will, again, prove that 2015 audi r8 totally super car.  Some unique feature can also be found as the part of the entertainment set which is the parking system plus feature. With this feature, this car will be equipped with hill hold assist, power folding, auto dimming, and many others. In conclusion, there are enough reason that strengthen the assumption of 2015 audi r8 totally super car.

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