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2015 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Review

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There are several sedans that have become very popular in this year where on off them is the 2015 hyundai genesis coupe. Hyundai as one of the widely known car manufacturers has launched the all-new Hyundai genesis with some redesigning efforts on several parts of this car. This new version of Hyundai genesis couple appears in a bigger size than the previous version. The exterior part of this car also looks expressive with some redesigning on the front part of this car. Just like any other coupes, 2015 hyundai genesis coupe appears with two doors with some aerodynamic features. This car has also proven the power of engineering where there is a significant improvement on the performance of this new car. To fulfill our curiosity of this new Hyundai’s coupe, some aspects of this car will be discussed.



The first one is the performance of this 2015 hyundai genesis coupe.  Engineers have successfully proven the true power of engineering with the significant improvements that are applied to this car. The first on is the type of the drive where this new Hyundai’s coupe will have a rear wheel drive (RWD). Car enthusiasts should know that RWD is the best type of drive for achieving a high end performance. Its performance becomes eve better with the improved responsive engine. The engine itself is the 3.8 L with V6 engine where this engine is capable to produce a maximum power of 348 horsepower, an outstanding power for a coupe.  The transmission also appears with a smooth shifting with its eight speed automatic transmission. In conclusion, the engine of this 2015 hyundai genesis coupe offers a decent engine with a high-end power with a low-end torque.

Safety Features


The advanced safety features are another selling point of this 2015 hyundai genesis coupe. With its advanced high strength steel frame, this car is freakishly strong and will only be subjected to minor damages id such accidents happen. Another feature is the limited-slip differential where this feature is very useful when we are driving through slippery surfaces. Parking sensors will also help us whenever we are having a hard time to park this car in such a narrow space. Limiting whiplash is another feature in this car that will reduce significantly the effect of collision hence it can anticipate horrible collisions for endangering our lives. In conclusion, with its powerful engine and advanced safety features, 2015 hyundai genesis coupe is the best coupe so far.

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