2015 Mazda cx3 Redesign Review  

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With the all-new 2015 mazda cx3 redesign, Mazda has surely introduced then new kind of crossover to the world. With its size that can be considered as the smallest one in the crossover family. Well, we always look for something new from Mazda as a Japanese automaker and here what we have got, a car with a combination from many type of cars. We can see that there is a combination of economy-car, wagon, and also hatchback. With its new model, it is hard to deny that it is one of a kind.

However, this car can be classified as a hatchback car since most of its aspects represents hatchback features. Here we will give a brief review about some aspects on this car which includes 2015 mazda cx3 redesign on several parts that hopefully will give us more detail information about this car.

2015 Mazda cx3 Redesign Review


The first aspect is the interior part of this car. 2015 mazda cx3 redesign on this part is mainly on the interior size of the car where it appears to be a lot bigger and with some advanced safety system.  Comparing with the previous CX-5, 2015 mazda cx3 has a more spacious cabin that simply makes this car comfier. Another 2015 mazda cx3 redesign is the interior part is in the dashboard.

The dashboard will be replaced with the dash-mounted screen with some of its features. Some features that can be found in the scree are climate control and smartphone integration. Climate control will be very useful when we must decide either we should go out or not. The smartphone integration will allow us to turn on some good music from our smartphones. This smartphone integration is best accompanied with audio steamin that is also can be found in this car.


Safety System

Another 2015 mazda cx3 redesign is the safety system.  Yes, in this 2015mazda cx3, Mazda has decided to bring the new technologies to guarantee our safety while driving. We will see some improvements on the safety system which includes the installment of radar. The good scores on the car test is also a positive point for guaranteeing the safety of every people in this car.

The engine of this car can be classified as good where the engine itself is the 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine. This engine can produce a maximum power of 155 horsepower. In conclusion, 2015 mazda cx3 redesign comes from many parts of this car which some of them are the interior design, safety system, and the engine.

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