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2015 Mercedes Benz s63 Amg Coupe Overview  

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2015 mercedes benz s63 amg coupe is truly one of the best sedan in today’s era. It has everything that we want in a sedan. With its luxurious look accompanied with decent engine and design, this car is worth to be priced high.  Comparing with the previous version of this car, this newer version has a more aggressive look. It also appears to be a lot bolder than the previous version. Driving this car on the road will certainly display our wealth since we will look very different with another car hence if we want to look different with a luxurious car then 2015 mercedes benz s63 amg coupe is the best solution. In here we are going to talk a bit about this car which includes its engine and design where hopefully it can help us in deciding either we should get this car or not.


The very first aspect that we are going to talk about is the 2015 mercedes benz s63 amg coupe design. The design itself can be classified into two types which are the exterior design and also the interior design.  Its exterior design is the one that we are going to discuss first. From the scale 1-10, 2015 mercedes benz s63 amg coupe exterior design’s rating is 9. This rating is based on its look that becomes more aggressive and athletic. The aerodynamic feature is also applies in the three parts of this car which is the front part, rear part, and also the sides part. The lighting part of this car is also upgraded where this car is equipped with LED lights. The front grille of this car is also upgraded into a tall chrome surrounded grille. The interior part of this car also undergoes major improvements where it appears to look classier.


Another aspect from this car that is worth to be discussed is the 2015 mercedes benz s63 amg coupe engine. Yes, engine is the part of this car that will directly affect car’s performance. There are many options of the engine where the more decent the engine the more pricy it will be. The first option is the twin turbocharged 5.5 liter V-8 engine that capable to produce 577 horsepower. The second option is the V-12 engine hence the rating of the engine or the performance of this car is 9 out of 10. In conclusion. If we want to look glamour and modern then 2015 mercedes benz s63 amg coupe is the best car to be possessed.

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