2015 Toyota Corolla Axio Quick Review

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We surely want the best for our family where 2015 toyota corolla axio is one of the best alternatives if we don’t have either SUV or CUV. Although its size is sedan size, this car has undergone some changes from the previous version that makes it look a bit bigger with the new elegant look. 2015 toyota corolla axio is one of the best sedan car that fits to be used in our family. Why? Because the cabin of this car is a bit more spacious that the previous version although the number of the seats remain the same.

The maximum number of people that can be in this car is five where four passengers is the maximum hence it can be very suitable to be used for bring our family together although people with larger family should reconsider to buy a bigger size car.

Toyota has never been disappointing its loyal consumers where in this 2015 toyota corolla axio, Toyota applied several changes that will make it looks more elegant and sumptuous. In here we are going to give a bit information about this car which will supposedly help you to know more about this toyota’s sedan.

2015 Toyota Corolla Axio Quick Review

2015 Toyota Corolla Axio Facelift

A major change of this 2015 toyota corolla axio comes from the exterior part of this car. Yes, Toyota tried to give a facelift to the front part of this car. This improvement has been inviting many pros and cons. Some people agrees with this new facelift improvement in 2015 toyota corolla axio because it will surely make this car looks extremely different from the previous version. With the facelift applied to the front part, it will add a sportier look which will make the first look-alike sporty car for Toyota corolla axio.

The front part itself appears to be a lot bigger where it consists of two parts which are the air intakes and the front bumper. On the other hand, some people disagree with this facelift effort because it will make 2015 toyota corolla axiolook weird at some points. Some said that the integration of the words corolla and sport is something that cannot be done because it will lead to a weird looking car.

2015 Toyota Corolla Axio Rear Part

Another improvement from this 2015 toyota corolla axio is the rear part of this car. This newest version of corolla axio will have a greyed out tail lights that are accompanied with LED lights which will make this 2015 toyota corolla axio even better although there is a dissent regarding to some improvements that are made in this car.

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