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2016 Honda Accord Redesign

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Car enthusiasts will certainly wait for the official announcement of 2016 honda accord redesign since Honda accord is one of the most anticipated sedan with all of its stunning features. All of its version has shown its superiority on its class which has made this car to be very popular. Honda loves to defend this car’s popularity by having this car improved on several aspects hence we will see 2016 honda accord redesign in the upcoming feature. Although the official information regarding to improvements that will be made in the newest version of Honda accord, in here we are going to some predictions on the new Honda accord which includes the overall design and also the engine.

The 2015 Acura TLX Prototype.


Some predictions stated that the changes will not be too massive where several aspects will stay on this upcoming version of Honda accord. However, 2016 honda accord redesign will be mostly on the aerodynamic features in this car. Yes, this car is predicted to be more aerodynamic with its new exterior design. Another prediction stated that 2016 honda accord will appear with a more futuristic look which becomes the main difference from the previous version of this car.

Interior Part


Another 2016 honda accord redesign is on the interior part of this car. Entertainment set with some stunning features will let us discover the new Honda accord in the better way. Some features will be very useful for guaranteeing our safety while driving such as the cruise control and rear view camera. Another features will make us drive comfier with the Bluetooth and usb connectivity that are accompanied with the 8” touch screen display. Dual zone climate control can also be very handy when the climate outside seems to be changing pretty fast.


The next 2016 honda accord redesign is on the engine. Some predictions stated that the whole new Honda accord will be far more efficient from its previous version with a good engine. The engine itself is the 2.4 liter with 4 cylinder engine. This engine is capable to produce a maximum power of 186 horsepower. Some optimistic predictions has also emerged where it stated that the engine will be upgraded into turbocharged engine where the maximum power that is capable to be produces is up to 198 horsepower. In conclusion, in the 2016 honda accord, we will see some improvements. 2016 honda accord redesign will mostly come from the overall design as well as the engine.

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