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2016 Infinity Q60 Review, Specs, and Price Information

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Talking about sumptuous sedan, it is not fair if we are not included 2016 Infinity Q60 as the topic to be discussed where to fulfill our curiosity about this sedan we will give you a bit information about 2016 Infinity Q60 Review, Specs, and Price. Well, actually there is no new version of the Infinity Q60 where the name of this car is only a modification to change the Infinity G37 coupe name therefore talking about the all-new Infinity Q60 is basically the same with talking about the previous Infinity G37 coupe.


The NEW g37 coupe is rebadged with another new name hence it can be pretty confusing if we don’t know the detail of Infinity’s naming system.  However, its current position in the market remains unchanged where this car still becomes one of the most popular sumptuous sedan along with BMW 4-Series coupe, Audi A5 and S5, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe where the competition between those sedans has never been fiercer. In here, we are going to give a quick review about 2016 Infinity Q60 Review, Specs, and Price that may help us in seeing the winner between those sedans.



The first thing in this 2016 Infinity Q60 Review, Specs, and Price is the performance of this car. This 2016 Infinity Q60 is equipped with manual transmission which is a bit unusual since other similar sedans has already adopted automatic transmission. The type of the drive system is all-wheel drive which is accompanied with a decent engine. The engine itself is the 3.7 L with V-6 engine which is capable to produce a maximum power of 330 horsepower. The comeback of all-wheel drive makes it possible for this car to be driven in the snowy terrains.

Interior Part and Price

Another thing that will be discussed on this 2016 Infinity Q60 Review, Specs, and Price is the interior part of this sedan. Since this sedan is classified as a coupe, it means that it has two doors where the number of the seats are four. There are some additional features that we can see in this sedan which some of them are power windows, xenon headlights, remote keyless entry which is mated with auto-locking feature, and also automatic climate control. All of those additional features will surely become another selling point of this car. The last thing on this 2016 Infinity Q60 Review, Specs, and Price is the price where the estimated price is $ 42,000.

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