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All New Ford Ranger 2015 Review

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All new ford ranger 2015 is the new neat stuff that everyone is expected to be launched sometime in 2015. This is one ford’s towing car with its capability to tow heavy stuffs with an awesome limit hence this car is very tempting for everyone who need a full assistance in carrying stuffs in the big number. This newest version of ford ranger will appear in a more aggressive and glamour looks.  This car will be available in many variations which is up to 40 variations which allows us to choose the best model that fits with our taste and budget. This car’s main competitor is of course Toyota HiLux where the current condition is that all new ford ranger 2015 is still left behind from HiLux in the selling point number. However, the gap is narrower and it is still possible for this newer version of ford ranger to catch up with its main competitor. Fortunately in here we are going to give a quick review about this newer version of the all new ford ranger.

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The car market is abound with all new ford ranger 2015’s competitors such as Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, and many others but Ford has come with a more promising specs and look. The first aspect of this new ford ranger that we are going to discuss is its overall design. The all new ford ranger 2015 will get some improvements on the interior part of this car. Inside the cabin, we will see some changes on the seats. All the seats will be made from leather where the gearknob will also be made from leather. The front seats will also undergo some improvements where it will be transformed into electric front seats that will also accompanied with heat seating feature. Still talking about the interior part of this car, the entertainment system of this new ranger will also be improved. A small blue screen will be installed in the front dash of All New Ford Ranger 2015. The buttons of the entertainment system will also appear to be charming.

Improved Engine

The exterior part of this car will also be improved. Some improvement can be seen on the 18 inch allow wheels, the unique-shaped grille, and also the side steps. Now we are moving on to the thing that matters the most which is the price. The price of this all new ford ranger 2015 is around $57,390. In conclusion, all new ford ranger 2015 is a perfect choice with its upgraded feature in some parts.

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