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Bugatti Veyron 2016 Review

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Bugatti veyron 2016 is surely the most anticipated car in the upcoming years. Bugatti has successfully developed the previous 2015 with lots of improvement which made bugattiveyron 2015 to be one of the fastest car in the world. With the current high standards, people are expected to hear better improvements in the new Bugatti Veyron. Some said that it will appear in speedier and surely with a more extravagant aspect. There has been a test donkey of this car where it is seen that this newest version of Bugatti Veyron will have some improvements from its predecessors. Another predictions also stated that this car will also have a new name although the official announcement from the developer has not been released to confirm this hearsay. The name is predicted to be changed into Chiron. Chiron itself is a name that is originated from greek mythology which means centaur. With a bit similarity between Veyron and chiron, it does increase the possibility of name changing for this Bugatti veyron 2016. In here we are going to talk a bit about this car and what’s new on this car which hopefully can give us more information to this luxurious car.


Overall Design

The very first aspect of this Bugatti veyron 2016 that we will discuss is the overall design. The exterior pat of this car will remain as a sport car with all of its aerodynamic feature which makes this car run faster. The exterior design is also shown a very sumptuous look which comes with many variation of colors. Materials that were used to build this car is mostly light material such as carbon fiber with monocoque frame and also the aluminum frames. The combination between the aerodynamic features with the light material is certainly adding more speed to this Bugatti veyron 2016.

Best of Its Kind


However some aspects will remain unchanged since those aspects is still the best in its kind. The unchanged aspects include the two seater lodge (a must have aspect in every sport car), 4,000 pound control weight which is to keep this car runs fast, and also the engine which is the 8 liter W-16 motor where with this engine, this Bugatti veyron 2016 will be able to produce a maximum power of 1,500 horsepower. With this tremendous power, it is not surprising that this car will be the speediest car in the world. In conclusion, Bugatti veyron 2016 will keep some of the best aspects of its predecessors and some changes on the design is also expected.


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