The Family Car of the 2014 Hyundai Genesis Sedan

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The 2014 hyundai genesis sedan is the interesting car nowadays not because of its design primarily. Sometimes for most of modern people, the thing firstly looked is the aspect of the car design. Nevertheless, for some other people, the interesting aspect from the car is not from that aspect. So, there is maybe some other aspects can be referred into the position of the interesting car. This car has the capability of making the great impression for customer from some other aspects found.

The Common Design of the Car

The design of the 2014 hyundai genesis sedan can be found in the ordinary form just like some other kinds of modern car from sedan styles. Its body is composed in the standard appearance with the standard possibility of the interior created. The common blue and casual metallic style of 2014 hyundai genesis sedan color choices also can be found in some common modern car family. Of course it is possible too for composing the idea about the standard car family through using this car.

If there is the interesting aspect can be found from the 2014 hyundai genesis sedan design, and that can be its front side. The modification into the design of headlight can make the design of its front side becomes more elegant than the appearance of the common family car designs. Of course that is just a little thing since there are so many kinds of other car family have more interesting designs too than the design of the 2014 hyundai genesis sedan.

The Great Powerful Family Car

The more interesting aspect of the 2014 hyundai genesis sedan can be found in its specs. This one is the powerful car. Since this one can be found in two styles and they are the 3.8 style and the 5.0 r-spec, the power can be reached by this car can be found from the 333 horsepower into 428 horsepower. Of course that great power can be categorized as the kind of the amazing one for the modern people who commonly find the standard power for the modern family car under that size.

Of course the 2014 hyundai genesis sedan then can be categorized as the middle into elite car today. For those great specs, the price offered is about $ 35.000. That is the standard price for the powerful car. This car uses the 3.8 L and 5.0 L engine size for the coupe 5.0 r-spec. The price then offered for the latter is about $ 45.000. That is still appropriate to be assumed as the standard price too for the car.

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