The Great 1969 Dodge Challenger

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Do you love a car with American muscles? When you find that you need a great muscle in your car, you better find the car in American muscles which is called as the 1969 Dodge Challenger. This car is really wonderful as the performance of this car is powerful and tough so you will have the best ride that you will ever experience with this car. This car is the classic car which will make you feel like driving and old fashioned car with the power of recent car. The appearance is designed in such way that it will bring amazement to the eyes.

1969 Dodge Challenger Engine

When we talk about an engine which has an American muscle, we will find that the strength of the car is awesome and make you really attracted. The all models on the 1969 Dodge Challenger come with various wonderful engines that will boost its performances. The engine of these Dodge Challengers 1969 are the slant 6 I6 with 3.24 L, then slant 6 I6 with 3,69 L and the LA V8 with 5.21 L, 5.6 L, or 5,9 L, and then the B V8 with 6,28 L, Hemi V8 with 6.98 L, and RB 7.2 L. All of those engines provide a fairly strong muscles and power till the monstrous power.

1969 Dodge Challenger Design

The design of the 1969 Dodge Challenger is really wonderful. It is classic and elegant as you will see the car run with amazing speed. The wheelbase of this car is 110.0 inches which will give the car a cool look with the pattern in the wheel. The body style is built in two style and those are the two-door hardtop and the two-door convertible. The wonderful design of the exterior in this Dodge 1969 Challenger is created by Carl Cameron which has modified the grille of the car.

1969 Dodge Challenger Transmissions

The 1969 Dodge Challenger is really great with its acceleration. Thanks to the system of transmission which enable this car to have such great transmission to control the level of power according to its speed. The first transmission is the 3-speed manual transmission, then you can have the 4-speed manual transmissions and the last is the 3-speed torque flite automatic transmission.

1969 Dodge Challenger Release Date

1969 Dodge Challenger has been released since in the fall of 1969 with two models of body. The release already makes the world really attracted to this car. The sales of this car are really amazing, moreover for those who love classic car.

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