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Jaguar XK Convertible Prestigious Review

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When we are talking about luxurious car, Jaguar should be put on the top list especially with its new 2016 Jaguar XK Convertible Prestigious where it has shown us what the luxurious word means. This is basically one of the most aggressive-looking car with its black metallic color on its exterior frame and a glamour touch on the exterior design. This car truly resembles our imagination of what will the most sumptuous car looks like.


With its new design which is more asserting its sporty aspects as well as its aggressive look, this sports car should be another worldwide phenomenon. Not only equipped with a mind-boggling exterior parts but the powertrain under the hood should be another selling point. The all-new Jaguar XK Convertible Prestigious will be launched sometime in 2016 but the official announcement about the release data has not been announced by Jaguar as this car developer. In here we are going to give you a quick review about the greatness of this luxurious sports car including some changes that are expected to be implemented to this car.

Exterior Part

The first aspect that will be discussed about this Jaguar XK Convertible Prestigious is its exterior part. Well, nothing much to say about its exterior part since all of it has given us the look of the best exterior parts that are possible to be implemented in the luxurious sports car. All of the parts help this car to show the sumptuous and glamor looks in an instance. The first improvement comes from the front grille where it appears to be bigger than the previous version of this car. A bigger front grille is one of the exterior part which differs Jaguar’s car with other cars. The entrance bumper is also improved with the new function which is to reduce air consumption where it surely boosts its aerodynamic features. The front part of this car is chrome-ringed hence both improved front grille and entrance bumper creates a perfect combination. Therefore we can conclude that this Jaguar XK Convertible Prestigious has a stunning exterior parts with an exceptional design.



The next aspect that will be discussed about this Jaguar XK Convertible Prestigious is its powertrain. Well, there is still no clue from Jaguar regarding to this matter but either v-6 engine or V-8 engine seems to be irreplaceable with the approximated power around 500 horsepower. In conclusion, the Jaguar XK Convertible Prestigious powertrain will be very decent since it is a Jaguar after all.

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