New Buick Grand National Returning The Old Name

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One of oldest automotive industry in America, they have sold thousand luxury vehicles. In 2013 year, Buick sold 1,032,331 cars and it was the brand’s record. As the one of the oldest automobile industry, Buick has been in long journey in automotive history, many owners have changing in early years, but the brand still hold their tradition as their characters.  In recent years, Buick engine was spared in whole world, Mexico, New Zealand, Middle East and Asia. The car also becomes most popular car type for demanders and now they release the New Buick Grand national.

New Buick Grand National Performance

The new Buick Grand National performed with two options turbocharged; 2.0 liter V-4 engine rated with 272 horse powers and 3.6 liter V-6 engine, 321 horse powers. 2014 Buick Grand national is just available official in one color; black (shade evil), it also will performance with double turbo 3.6 liter with V-6 engine and rate 400 horse powers. It featured with six-speed automotive transmissions and manual transmission. The car was one of hydra –Matic with eight-speeds will one of the most waiting list in this year. With the all capable of the fresh Buick Grand national, the car may sold in high rate this year in every part dealer.

New Buick Grand National may sell around $100.000, it good enough price for fresh Buick Grand National. Present with old type may the best idea for the Buick to take their consumer get in dealer and make them spend their money to this luxury car. The fresh 2015 Buick Grand National is one of recommended top speed at this year list.

Buick Lacrosse Other Idea

Buick LaCrosse may your other idea than new Buick Grand National. It released at New York auto show in 2013. The new model was upgraded with many featured in interior and external area. Including the wing part with LED lamps all day and LED at taillight lamps. At the internal area, new seat, the new ultra luxury and material panel end console.  There also many safety features technology that added to give the demander safety drive.

Buick LaCrosse may perform different with the new Buick Grand National. It performed with V-6 engine, 304 rpm horse powers 254 rpm tourque and 3.6L. it can rate 150 mph at the top speed and 8 sec at hour. The Buick will start around $34.060; this is good price than the fresh Buick Grand National.

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