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New Mazda Miata 2015 Overview  

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If we think that a cheap sporty car does not exist then we know nothing about New Mazda Miata 2015. This will-be-released sporty sedan will encompass two basic needs in the car which are the cheap price and also sporty look. Mazda, the manufacturer of this car, has official announced the long awaited sporty car where the previous version of this car was a big success. The New Mazda Miata 2015 is basically the third generation of Mazda Miata with some improvements in both exterior and interior part of this car. Previously, some experts said that there will be a significant increment of the new Mazda Miata’s price but it has been proven wrong. The new version of this car is still priced with an affordable price comparing with other sporty sedans. Getting this sporty yet luxurious looking car will not be a waste since it can assist us as a daily driver and also as a warrior on the road. In here we are going to give a bit information about this luxurious sporty sedan with some predictions of the possible change is some parts of this car.

No Change


For some of us who have more knowledge on the previous version of Mazda Miata, we will know that in New Mazda Miata 2015, the change or improvement will be very little or even no change or improvement whatsoever. This luxurious sedan still adopts the standards version of Mazda Miata with a range of trim levels which is accompanied with power retractable hard top (PRHT). The materials that were used to build this sedan is lightweight materials hence this car appears to be lighter because of the weight reduction.


However, although major changes are not expected on this New Mazda Miata 2015, on the MX-5 Miata anniversary, 100 examples of New Mazda Miata 2015 special edition were launched. In here we can see some unique features on this car which includes a soul red metallic paint, connecting rods, hand-selected pistons, door trim, almond leather sits, and many other special features. Those special features is sure reignited our hope to see more improvements in the upcoming version of Mazda Miata.


Sporty Engine

The last part of this review is the engine where this sporty sedan’s engine is the 2.0 L 4-cylinder. This engine is capable to produce a maximum power of 167 horsepower with 140 pound feet of torque. In conclusion, New Mazda Miata 2015 is the best solution for a sporty car with a relatively cheap price

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