Unique Used VW Beetle Renewed

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Used VW beetle is a kind of cute car which has classic style. Furthermore, it become a legend and still loved by consumers. By this, the company always gives the best product of VW every year. It is usually renewed and completed with new features when the new version is released.

Although it has classic look, it doesn’t mean that this vehicle only suitable for old people. Other side, there are many young people who have great passion in driving also choosing this version as their favorite car. Although it is classic, it is not look bored and monotonous other side it has excellent body display and stylish model which can make you more comfortable and confident in driving by using this car.

Used VW Beetle

Used VW beetle is usually redesigned with no much change. This version has great availability and costly. The first production of this car is about 1998 until 2010. Those versions only offer hatchback with two doors whereas the convertible is started to introduce in 2003. The platform or structure of this version is adapted from 1990 version with less interior capacity than the newest version. Used VW beetle interior during that year has roomy front seat, tighter convertible, tight hatchback for trunk space, standard folding top of power for convertible, and many others benefits.

Used VW beetle is renewed in 2005. It has various choices of trim levels. They are GLX, GLS, and GL with engine of four-cylinder and standard 2.0 liter which can produce 115 horsepower. It also can be combined with standard quality of manual five-speed. The next few years, the trim is renewed by using gasoline engine of turbocharged. For 2002 until 2004 versions, it has Turbo S Trim with couple lineup. It is also supported with 180 hp retuned version of turbo engine 1.8T and manual transmission of six-speed.

Used VW beetle for 2006 and few next year, the engine is powered with gasoline 2.5 liter with five-cylinder which can produce 150 horsepower. It can be coupled either with automatic six-speed or manual five-speed. It is also completed with some high technology features. Used VW beetle new features are satellite radio, AC, telescoping and tilt for steering wheel, heated seats, and many others.

Used VW beetle also release some choices model with limited edition of trims and colors package. For example, 2002 version is a sport edition which is powered by 1.8T combined with manual five-speed, leather interior and wheel 17 inch.

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